Our Services

In the past, we tackled 200+ cases within a private TMD forum. We have done extensive research over 10 years, by consulting leading doctors in the field, by reading advanced scientific publications, and by hands-on experience. But the most valuable thing we have is that we ourselves are affected by the condition, and learnt how to cope with it besides mainstream paths. We won’t treat you, and we can’t heal you. But we will teach you how to help yourself, and we do this in three parts:

Part 1: Anamnesis

Our first contact will be an extensive online consultation via Zoom. We have developed a protocol of questions specific to your condition. You can tell us your complaints, ailments, and basically your story so far. We will also do a physical examination via video call with you, and see directly what’s going on. This will include some testing.

Part 2: Diagnostics

According to the problems presented in Part 1, we will recommend what can be done in terms of diagnostics to you. Usually this will include that you will do specific X-rays, an MRI, and photographs of your mouth and your profile, so that we can verify and falsify our findings. Finally, we will give you a much more specific diagnosis than just TMD. You will get a written document for your own use only. All of this does not replace consultations with doctors.

Part 3: Treatment options

Based on your diagnosis we will offer you treatment options that address the cause of your problems, and avoid the many pitfalls out there. We can also offer many options in terms of careful self-treatment and how to reduce your pain until you find an adequate treatment available for you. Our most important goal is to avoid further damage. Treatment options will be presented to you in a second online meeting.

As you understand, all of this requires knowledge and experience. It is time-consuming for us, as we never do our cases like the usual cookie-cutter scheme would. We care for you, we take our time, and think and rethink even when we are not actually working on your case. Our offer to you therefore is not cheap. It is US$250,- for each part in advance, or US$600,- if booked and paid at once.

Please tell us if you don’t have that kind of money. On rare occasions we do make exceptions for those who are in need.