General warning: What must NOT be done under TMD, yet is still being done

Photo by Nadine Shaabana on Unsplash

Over the last decades, some of the treatments offered to TMD sufferers have been proven to be useless, irrelevant or even more damaging. Every affected person should know the worst pitfalls out there. Therefore, we list them here, and if you want to know more, you can reach out to us.

1. Injections into the jaw joints of any kind

Jaw joints are naturally sterile, no needle fully is. Therefore, “wash-outs” or “arthrocentesis” procedures are a bad choice as your jaw joints are not dirty and do not require cleaning. On the contrary, as they are sterile, injections of any sort introduce foreign material into the jaw, potentially creating more serious issues. Probing of jaw joints using needles should not be done either. There are better ways to get to know what’s going on.

2. Orthodontic treatment

Braces or aligners might give you artificially straight looking teeth, yet those are very different from a naturally good bite. Orthodontic treatment may give you a more  “beautiful” smile, but it comes at a price. It causes the jawbones to move downwards, the maxilla to drop clockwise, and this causes the mandible to retrude, hence pressuring the jaw and neck joints. Apart from the fact that orthodontistry is irreversible, and even contraindicated in cases of TMD according to the American Dental Association, there are many other reasons for not having it done.

3. Prosthodontic treatment without diagnosis or test-drive

Oftentimes, the so called “full mouth rehabs” are being offered to TMD sufferers. That’s not the thing to do. More often than not the jaw and neck joints are not being taken into account, neither in terms of diagnosis, nor treatment. Large prostho treatments could be the very last step after test-driving a bite for an extended period of time but this requires much caution and knowledge beforehand.

4. Night “guards”, inadequate “splints”

TMD is not being caused by “clenching” or “grinding”. The latter are consequences of TMD. Simply protecting the enamel via some kind of plastic is not the thing to do as it often worsens breathing, the airway and body coordination, creating more problems for you. Not rarely do “splints” worsen jaw joint compression. Everything you put in between your teeth over an extended period of time must be carefully handled as it shifts structures, not only teeth, irreversibly.

5. Shaving of teeth or “disclusion time reduction”

These are irreversible procedures that compress the jaw joints even more. They are not an adequate kind of treatment by any means. Horror stories are numerous, so this kind of invasive treatment must be dismissed. Don’t do it. No matter what you do, don’t do it, you got us?

6. Jaw surgery without proper diagnosis

Such an operation is very invasive, and irreversible. Jaw joint “replacements” are mechanically very different from natural jaw joints. They don’t have the best prospects in the long-run, and the materials of these artificial joints are known to cause allergies. Advancement surgery of the jawbones often does not take into account the jaw joints, so that any result regarding the jaw joints is often pure coincidence. Could get better, could stay the same, could get worse. That’s gambling, right?

So what’s the right thing to do then? –Well, this depends on your personal problem and situation. There is no cookie-cutter solution. If you want to know more, contact us ( and we can arrange a meeting for your needs.

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